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This guide will show you how to get the best sound, comfort, and enjoyment from your RedGiant ear-buds. Please read this guide before using your ear-buds as proper use can drastically affect performance.

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Your new RedGiant ear-buds use moving-coil dynamic drivers to turn analog signals into audible sounds. Every new pair of dynamic driver ear buds needs to be burned-in in order to reach their maximum sound quality.

RedGiant recommends that you burn-in your new ear-buds by playing music through them at a moderate volume for a period of at least 48-72 hours. You should notice a marked increase in sound quality after burn-in.


Proper fit of your RedGiant ear-buds ensures long-term comfort and maximum sound quality.

The A03 Ossicle and A02 Auricle can be worn in three different configurations: Normal, Active, and Inverted:

Normal: Maximum comfort and noise isolation

Active: Maximum stability for sports – cable is run behind the neck and secured with cable sinch

Inverted: Casual listening - buds worn in opposite ears and cable does not loop around ear

In-Ear Cushions

RedGiant includes silicone inserts in a variety of sizes and materials that will drastically affect not only how your ear-buds feel, but also how they sound.

Cushion Size

Choosing the right size for your ear is important. You will know the correct size when you have a comfortable fit, but outside noise is drastically reduced. A better seal will not only provide drastically improved sound quality, but also keep your ear-buds firmly seated in your ear cavity.

RedGiant suggests starting from a medium size, and increasing size if too loose, or decreasing if too tight. A snug fit is good as it provides better sound isolation and stronger bass.

It is not uncommon for your left and right ear to be slightly different sizes.

Cushion Material

Ultra-Seal: Better sound isolation and low frequency response at the expense of comfort.

Ultra-Comfort: Better comfort at the expense of sound isolation and low frequency response.

O-Ring: Can be added to any size or material of ear insert to further increase your ear cavity seal. A better seal provides increased low frequency response and sound isolation

Customer Appreciation

It is our primary mission objective to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your RedGiant experience, please give us an opportunity to remedy the situation: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.