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What we do


At Red Giant, we help Australian brands make their mark in China, one of the world's largest and most dynamic markets. We leverage the power of technology, creating a solid presence for brands on prominent Alibaba platforms. But we don't stop there. Our comprehensive services extend to finding stockists, major distributors, and wholesalers in China.

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we manage your brand's social media presence, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement within the Chinese market.

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We Represent

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At Red Giant, we specialize in connecting Australian brands to China's expansive market. Our collaboration with YSZ is a testament to this. YSZ, blending Eastern and Western business approaches, boasts partnerships with global brands such as Brand Collective, Tony Bianco, Charles & Keith, Stella McCartney, OCE, Perfect Diary, The Colorist, and KK Vet. With 38 retail outlets, YSZ further extends its presence online through its eCommerce division, SMILE Co. As YSZ's strategic partner, we leverage our expertise to ensure their continued success in the dynamic Chinese marketplace

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How we work

How We Work 

Step 1

Brand Assessment & Market Viability

  • FREE 30-60 mins consulting for any brands.

  • Register and upload brand information for RG assessment.


Step 2

Set Up & Brand Incubation

  • Enter Tmall MiniStore and launch on RG Tmall Global Flagship Store.

  • Receive daily brand performance reports and monthly reports.

Step 3

Brand Growth

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  • Distributor invests in successful brands from Step 2.

  • Open flagship stores on platforms like Tmall Global, TikTok, Redbook.

Step 4

Brand Development

  • Invest in retail and physical stores.

  • RG leads business negotiations.

  • Additional services: IP legal support, packaging support.



Digital Marketing


KOL Opportunities /



Brand Growth Strategies


Distributor /

 Wholesale Retail Opportunities


Monthly Reporting

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Phase 1

Online Launch

Phase 2

Brand Incubation - Grow sales, increase brand recognition.

Phase 3

Retail stores, brand investment, multichannel operations, and Tmall Flagship.


Digital Marketing

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Meet the founders

Meet the Founders

Red Giant is the brainchild of Mark Sellar and Chris Lu, two individuals who bring their unique expertise to the table. Together, they form an unstoppable team that helps brands succeed in China.

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Mark Sellar


Mark has pioneered multiple successful ventures across different sectors. His portfolio includes innovative brands like Fantom Hardware, Shader and Tumbl Bear

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Chris Lu


With a rich entrepreneurial background and over a decade of experience, Chris has established himself as a trusted expert in helping international brands conquer the Chinese market. Having successfully handled more than 100 brands entering China through various online platforms and physical retail stores, Chris possesses an unmatched understanding of the Chinese consumer landscape and market dynamics. His exceptional track record in commercializing international brands in China speaks volumes about his expertise and dedication to delivering results. Chris's invaluable insights and strategic guidance have proven instrumental in facilitating the entry of Australian companies, including Brand Collective, Tony Bianco, Ever Ugg, and Ryderwear, into the Chinese market. By leveraging his extensive network and market knowledge, he has propelled these brands to new heights of success in China. Beyond his vast experience, Chris brings a comprehensive understanding of capital and brand investment, allowing him to provide holistic solutions to companies seeking to expand their reach in China. He excels at identifying opportunities, mitigating risks, and optimizing brand strategies for long-term growth and profitability.

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Red Giant boasts a well-rounded team structure, with its Australian team headquartered in Sydney and its Chinese team based in Chengdu. Both teams bring extensive experience in critical areas, including ecommerce, Chinese social media, wholesale and retail, international trade and freight, as well as product development.

The Australian team in Sydney combines its deep knowledge of the Australian market with expertise in ecommerce, ensuring seamless operations and strategic planning. Simultaneously, the Chinese team in Chengdu possesses a wealth of insights into the intricacies of the Chinese market, along with a strong understanding of local consumer preferences and behavior.

Our teams

Our Teams

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With their combined skill sets,
Red Giant's teams are adept at


Leveraging ecommerce platforms


Establishing robust wholesale and retail networks


Effectively utilizing Chinese social media channels


facilitating international trade and freight logistics


Driving successful product development initiatives

This comprehensive expertise positions Red Giant as a trusted partner for businesses looking to navigate and succeed in both the Australian and Chinese markets.

Our Network
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Our Network

Red Giant, with offices in both Sydney and Chengdu, has forged strong ties with Alibaba and its associated platforms. Additionally, it maintains extensive connections with influential KOLs and major distribution partners across various sectors, such as health, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and technology. Leveraging its dual presence in Sydney and Chengdu, Red Giant is poised to excel in navigating the ever-evolving Chinese market.

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Your Opportunity

Your Opportunity

China's online shopping market dwarfs Australia's, offering immense opportunities for businesses. With over 1.4 billion consumers, it boasts unrivaled size and diversity. The market's continuous growth, innovation, and intense competition create a vibrant ecosystem for Australian businesses to tap into, showcasing their products and services to millions of potential customers. Red Giant, a leading cross-border e-commerce platform, can help Australian brands navigate this vast market, providing the expertise, infrastructure, and network needed to succeed. With Red Giant's support, Australian businesses can confidently expand into China, unlock new growth avenues, and establish a strong presence in this dynamic marketplace.


What are you waiting for? Embark on your journey to China's flourishing market with Red Giant. Reach out to us today and let's make your brand a success story in China!

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